UMSCO Services


UMSCO Engineering Services is a part of the UMSCO group, which is an Egyptian company that was established in 2014. We are focusing on inspection, calibration, validation, verification, testing, and certification of the work that is done in your company

You can rely on us to do many services, like:

  • Inspection:
  • Calibration
  • Validation
  • Verification
  • Testing
  • Training
  • Certification

The inspection process is an important aspect of every job that involves verifying on-site that a product, asset, or system is working properly and meets specified criteria. We confirm ongoing compliance and performance and help preserve or extend the life of the asset.

We do calibration to adjust machines, instruments, and components using measuring and diagnostic software to ensure precision settings are in line with standards. After that, we validate by performing tests, resolving issues, documenting results, and preparing technical reports for our customers.

Testing determines a product or material’s characteristics in a laboratory or on-site. It provides businesses with the confidence that products and materials have the required properties in terms of safety and quality, and that they comply with specifications and applicable rules and regulations.

When you seek a more comprehensive training experience, you can have our professional programs. We provide technical and engineering training, auditing, and upgrading management systems to meet the requirements of the international standards.

When you hire a company to check for safety and quality control, it helps you make sure everything is okay. It will save you money and time while not doing that and regretting it in the future. We can help you and save your time


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